2015 Conference Materials

As you know, IDQOL is proud to be 100% paperless this year with the only exception being your name tags!!  Below are the files you will need to print or load on your device.  Make sure you download the FREE parking instructions or parking will cost $10 instead of FREE!!!  That packet also has the class schedule and overview so you can look at the schedule and decide which course materials you need.  Download all of the course materials or just the ones you plan on attending.  We will have NO copies at the conference.  Click on each to download.

1.  MUST HAVE- Class Scedule and Parking CodePDF

2. The New Nystrom Award for Excellence in Hospice- Criteria for Applying word doc

3.  Dynamics of Dying CoursePDF

4.  Dynamics of Grief CoursePDF

5. The Other Side of Hospice CoursePDF

6. Practical Pain Management CoursePDF

7. The Ethics of truth Telling and Hope powerpoint

8.  Ethics of Truth Telling Worksheet word doc

9. Hospice CAP Reporting Course powerpoint

10.  Hospice COST Reporting powerpoint